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An online writing tool proven to raise the attainment of K-8 students

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Inspire a love of writing

Our story, characters and game encourage children to produce their best writing.

Teach any subject

Choose from thousands of challenging, interactive lessons to send to your students.

Share with parents

Assess, publish and share student writing with parents and our global community.


Our writing tool suggests age appropriate vocabulary for students to include in their stories. We also provide objectives and helpful tips in order to give structure to their creative writing.

Night Zookeeper runs on Tablet, PCs and Laptops.


Choose from thousands of interactive lessons that are proven to boost student motivation, develop a growth mindset and inspire amazing writing.


Track and assess student progress using your teacher dashboard. Our auto-assess tools will save you hours of marking time!

Night Zookeeper assesment preview
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All of the work your students produce can be published onto your own free class blog. This can be shared easily and safely with parents. Our characters will even turn up and leave them a comment or two.


Join regular writing competitions throughout the year to keep children engaged.

World Creative Writing Month

Night Zookeeper competitions

What do teachers think?

"This is the best interactive writing tool I've come across in 24 years."
Laura Seiser
Northeast Hamilton School
"It's fun, engaging, motivational... and aligned to learning standards!"
Julie Russell
Memorial School
"Night Zookeeper, captures the children’s imaginations and can promote a positive reading and writing experience - in and out of school. We love it!"
Emma Cotton
Langham Village School
"Night Zookeeper has been a game changer for my students' writing. They write more and have improved significantly as a result of using this engaging platform."
Matt Peebles
Forest Elementary
"It's the best writing program that I've ever tried. The students are engaged and learn so much. They do their best work and love the positive reinforcement. I've never seen anything like it."
Dianne Coffey
Tuttle Intermediate
"NZK has motivated non writers, and it's just been fun for them to see the results of what their classmates have written. I feel the feedback from other young writers is the strongest benefit."
Angie Yates
Ozark School

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